Business Telephone Services

Landline Telephone Service is still one of the most dependable forms of communication. It ensures your customers can reach you when needed and comes with many time-saving features. McCormack’s landline telephone service stays on when the power is out – it is reliable, safe and accessible.  

Business Phone ServicePer month
Business Line$25.50
Subscriber Line Charge$6.50
Relay Missouri Charge$0.10
Federal Access Recovery Charge$3.00
Business Phone Service - Multi-LinePer month
Business Line$25.50
Subscriber Line Charge$9.20
Relay Missouri Charge$0.10
Federal Access Recovery Charge$3.00
*Price does not include taxes and surcharges.
Information on Optional Services
In addition to the charges above, a Service Ordering Charge as outlined in the tariff will apply to the establishment of optional service features. A non-recurring charge of $5.00 will apply to the activation or rearrangement of one or more features.
Connection ChargesOne-time Fee
Line Connection Charge$10.00
Service Ordering Charge$3.00
Calling Features**One-time Fee
Service Ordering Charge$3.00
Calling Feature Activation Charge$5.00
**Complete list of calling features can be found below.
Calling Features
FeaturePer Mo.FeaturePer Mo.
Automatic Callback$2.50Call Forward Busy Don't Answer (CFBDA$1.50
Automatic Recall$2.50Call Forward Busy (CFB)$1.00
Caller IDFreeCall Forward Don't Answer (CFDA)$1.00
Customer Originating Trace Activation$5.00/ea.Speed Calling (8 number capacity)$1.00
Distinctive Ringing$2.50Speed Calling (30 number capacity)$2.00
Selective Call Acceptance$2.50Automatic Line$1.00
Selective Call Forwarding$2.50Warm Line$1.00
Selective Call Rejection$2.50Call Transfer$1.00
Call Forwarding$2.00Call Forwarding Remote Access$1.00
Call Waiting$2.00Nuisance Call Trapping$5.00
Three-Way Calling$2.00Remote Call Forwarding$5.00
Teen Line$2.00Voice Notes - Voicemail Service$4.50
Calling Feature Packages
Package I - $4.50/mo.Package II - $7.50/mo.Package III - $11.50/mo.
Call WaitingCall WaitingCall Waiting
Call ForwardingCall ForwardingCall Forwarding
Three Way CallingThree Way CallingThree Way Calling
Caller IDCaller ID
Automatic Call Back
Automatic Recall
Speed Dialing (8# capacity)