Internet Services

DSL Speed* Per month
1.5 Mbps$39.95
3 Mbps$49.95
6M/512kDownload/Upload Speed$59.95
6M/1MDownload/Upload Speed$69.95

*Higher speeds are available. Please call our office for pricing and availability.


Additional Fees 
Internet Activation Fee$185.00**
Wireless Modem/Router Fee$65.00**
Installation FeeTBD**

**Fee waived if 1-year contract is signed.


DSL Term Commitment Contract Early Termination Fee
Month 1-6$150.00
Month 7-12$75.00


Dial-up Internet ServicePer Month
Basic Dial-up Service$21.95
Dial-up w/ Voice Notes (Voicemail Service)$23.95
Dial-up Combined with McCormack Long Distance$17.95
Dial-up with McCormack Long Distance and Voice Notes$19.95